XRP Price Prediction 2021 — Is Ripple a Good Investment?

Even though Ripple has been one of the best performing Cryptocurrencies in the past few years, currently XRP’s future is looking a bit cloudy. So what did truly happen and why did other Cryptocurrencies outperform Ripple in the latest bull run? In this XRP Price Prediction we will answer your question — Is Ripple a good investment?

Lots of investors are too quick to judge Ripple and say that it is nowhere near reaching success as a Cryptocurrency. However, XRP has many benefits and advantages over other Cryptos.

What is Ripple?

Ripple is not your average Cryptocurrency or technology. There is a whole well-established company behind it: Ripple Labs Inc. Back in 2013 banks and other financial organizations got interested in using XRP’s blockchain as their payment provider network. Nowadays, over 300 providers across 6 continents use XRP as their main transaction processing network.

What makes XRP special?

Many financial and Crypto analysts believe that Ripple has a big potential of replacing SWIFT. For example, SWIFT transfers take as usual as 3–5 days to settle and have increased costs. In addition, there is no transparency in SWIFT payments and their error rate of international transfers is roughly 5%.

Ripple is not trying to reinvent the wheel. To clarify, the goal is to take what already exists and improve it.

SEC lawsuit over XRP

Ripple’s founders are claiming that SEC did not provide fair notice that their sales of XRP are violating the law. They pointed out that Ripple is registered as convertible currency allowed for sales and secondary market transactions.

SEC lawsuit’s effect over XRP’s Price

Firstly, you could not buy/sell XRP on the most of largest exchanges which obviously would have a strong impact on the coin’s value. Secondly, because of such frightening news, many holders’ only XRP price prediction was to dump their bags and start panic selling.

At the time of writing this article, Ripple is up by 100% since the end of December trading over $0.44 per coin.

Ripple Market Prediction

Ripple Coin News

Oracle Times


According to all of these predictions, the majority of the companies believe that the average price of $5 is the realistic sum. Eventually, the value of $5 will also represent a 12.5X ROI. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Our XRP Price Forecast 2021

After the SEC lawsuit is over there is a chance for XRP to surpass $ 1 and even touch its old all-time high ($3.57 per coin). The reason we are saying this is because as we have mentioned Ripple has an actual usage worldwide.

So what plays an important part in Ripple’s success? Pleading innocent in court. Here are 3 valid thoughts why we think Ripple will prove its innocence:

  1. Before XRP SEC had charged several other companies. The lawsuits were stretched out for a certain period of time. However, none of them were convicted. In other words, SEC tends to go after the companies even without having actual proof.
  2. Ripple teams up with 21 lawyers. The more brains are working together the better a final outcome is.
  3. This one is where things get really interesting. A few days ago over 400,000,000 XRP were transferred from an unknown wallet to Coinbase Exchange. Coinbase is one of the exchanges which prohibited buying/selling XRP on their platform. Now ask yourself, why would someone transfer such a large amount of Ripple to an exchange where it’s not even tradeable? Seems fishy…


This is not financial advice and we always suggest to DYOR before investing in Cryptocurrency.

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